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Baseball Pocket Coach helps you coach better, and save time. This app is designed to be easy enough to use right away -- without training -- and quick enough to use on the field during game action. You can coach a base and record batting results at the same time, for example,because you just record the result and not every pitch.

Planning your inning-by-inning lineup is easy, and the app tells you when you have a positon that needs to be filled. If you want to randomize all the fielding positons, you can do it that way. Baseball Pocket Coach records who plays where in every inning, every game, so you can look back and see who might need to move around.

Tracking Pitch Counts is easy so you always have that info at your finger tips. There are many reports you can generate that are loaded with stats. You can even print out a 3-copy lineup sheet for the opposing team and scorekeeper. Everything is designed to guide you and save you time, so you can be a better coach to your players.